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Pro Localization - Who we are?

The Pro Localization

We are a young and dynamic team with experience in the gaming, application and website localization industry, who are happy to do their job.

By localizing more than 50 projects: We localize between English, Russian and Turkish languages,  we strengthen the ties between the producer and the player. We combine the native language desire of the players with the desire of the producers to reach the large masses.

We organize our work schedules to meet the needs of our customers and suit to our business and personal lives.

Quality management

We are aware that quality localization will provide customer satisfaction and increase our prestige.


We use technology wisely and we are well experienced in technology terminology.


We keep track of the languages that change over time and keep the new words in our memory.

Our Story

With the developing technology, technology has become a part of our life. Maybe it’s a game we enjoy, or maybe it’s an app we use when we do exercises that has become a part of our lives.

We played games without understanding because we grow up with game culture since childhood and we often encountered  lack of native language. When browsing user reviews of games and programs, we can always see that they requests native language. These comments have attracted our attention and set us in motion. By seeing users and players request for access to the main language, we have taken it upon ourselves to assemble producers and developers desire to increase target group. Positive comments made by users of the language added as a result of localization have made us happy like we made the game or the program.

We will always be happy to make a positive impact on the projects. Because we do our work with pleasure and happiness.

Years in business
Projects done
40 +
Translated words
0 M+

Our Team

Efdal Karaaslan

Team Leader

Alla Aslanova

Project Manager

Tanryjan Sagymbaev

Project Manager

Clients Love Our Team!

We sincerely thank as the Black Bears Mobile Game Development Studio for its high-quality and timely localization of the Drilla game.
We wish you success in your life and work, in high quality and attractive projects. We look forward to further cooperation.
Anton Kozlov
Thank you for localizing all of our web and mobile applications on the LiveGames Game Network.
We want to emphasize the attentive and knowledgeable approach to translation and the characteristics of the translated text.
Vasiliy Brizitsky
Thanks for maintaining integrity in the localization process in my story-based mobile projects and for detailed quality control of the translation in the game.
Ivan Panasenko

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